Research Suggestions

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Ky History Genealogy Research Suggestions

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Research Suggestions

Ky History Genealogy Tips


Break down genealogy research into simple terms; The main categories are listed below;

  1. Articles
  2. Books
  3. Cemeteries
  4. Census
  5. Court and Vital Records
  6. DNA Testing
  7. Events-Reunions
  8. Interviews
  9. Social Media
  10. Volunteer-Donate

Basic Rules In Researching
  1. Categorize and research each individual category until each is complete.
  2. Compile the categories back into the overall project.
  3. Check the collection to see if there are any conflicts in any categories.
  4. You may have to break the categories back down to research a category further and resolve the conflicts with research.
  5. Never work to alter or misrepresent evidence and documentation in order for the research to fit.
  6. Always start off as undecided and let the research lead you to the correct conclusion.

Articles and Books


  • Start off doing interviews with your family. Be sure to interview the oldest and the eldest first. Interview and record as many family members that you can. The more interviews, the broader base to start off with. You should always record these interviews. These are your starting points. It is harder to get the most recent information because of restrictions on copying and recording regulations.

Census Records

  • You need to get as many interviews you can thereby making it easier to research census records as you discover forgotten or missing relatives. Interviews that reveal relatives that were living at the beginning of 1940 will show up in the census records that are available, along with the children. Go back ten years and search the census for the parents of that lineage and find the grandparents. The initial parent will be in their parent’s household..
How to Use Census Records
  • Census records are recorded in ten year time periods. So by finding a child in the family , say in 1940, you can see the parents of the children in the census at that time. As a result, searching for census when these parents were a child will find their parents and so on and so on. This method will run into complications beginning in 1840 because of the manner the census was recorded.

Court and Vital Records

Court records contain marriage records, land transfers, early deaths as well as any legal filings. Also military records are considered a part of these records. Therefore Revolutionary War and the colonial period records are vital for connecting lineage prior to 1850.

DNA Testing

DNA testing pushes the standard for verifying through DNA comparisons’ The facts gained give highly accurate results. Also the more family members who participate with tests the better the chances of connecting.

Research Suggestions


Reunions-Homecomings and Reunions (On Facebook) create an excellent place to get interviews, tips and copies of pictures. Therefore the items mentioned can many times only be found at these meetings.

Social Media

Social Media serves as a major player to Genealogy research. The social media platforms create virtual meetings from the convenience of your own home to people across the nation.


Volunteering your time to help the research into Ky History and Genealogy can help other people as well as connecting with family. Volunteering allows you a greater contact base for information as well as new connections.and therefore places you in a position to find more connections.

Research Suggestions